Founded on 2006, thanks to the collaboration of two friends and businessmen, CKfood operates on production of nutraceutical food and particularly healthy baked products with high protein content and a minimum carbohydrates count.
The company distinguishes itself on the market for its capability to anticipate the dietary needs of more and more demanding consumers, caring for their wellness, in order to combine them with the good taste of typical Italian culinary tradition.
CKfood is a dynamic manufacturing company, formed by a qualified and expert staff. The company operates with professional competence on the private label field, offering custom made and accurate services.


CKfood team is firmly convinced that a proper nutrition improves the quality of life and that it can prevent many diseases, as well as helping to feel great and to have a good store of energy.
For this reason, PASSION, QUALITY, and INNOVATION are the key words of our company philosophy.
PASSION of the entire team for nutrition, health and fitness fields.
QUALITY of ingredients, carefully selected and tested, with the aim to realize truly effective products and to grant a transparent supply chain.
INNOVATION and continuous researches allowed us to realize patented products unique on the market.


Using exclusively our products, we commissioned three studies about the reduction of fat body mass to the Polytechnic University of Marche Region, obtaining excellent results.
Studies were aimed to demonstrate that a low glycemic index and rich in fiber diet enhance the glycemic control, reduces the hunger sensation and, consequently, the body weight. A balanced diet integrated with rich in fiber and low calories foods can help to prevent the most common pathologies such as obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome.

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